Six of Diamonds

The six of diamonds playing card was McGranahan Architects’ contribution to the Notkin Mechanical Engineers’ art installation “Architecture of the Pacific Northwest Playing Cards”. This design was chosen through an office-wide design competition to represent McGranahan Architects. The selection was made by a jury of four designers in the office. A fifth vote was contributed through an office wide poll. The concept of this card started with the idea that Architecture in the Northwest is about embracing the inherent beauty of simple and honest materials and celebrating small subtle details. My goal with this card was to invoke those qualities by using the simple photographic process of double exposure. The first image is of the timber column next to my office desk. The second image is of shadows cast on a piece of paper which has been cut and bent with diamond symbols. These two photos are overlaid to create the composite image. That’s it. The textural character of material and light on this card epitomizes the great architecture in the Northwest.


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