Redmond Ridge Middle School

Redmond Ridge Middle School in Lake Washington School District is a new middle school for a rapidly growing area east of Seattle, WA. The building embraces the themes of Connection, Value and Challenge – to deliver a learning environment that fosters every student’s ability to learn the knowledge, skills and attributes to be Future Ready as outlined in the District’s 2020 Guiding Principles.

Connection is represented as a desire to inspire engagement and contact, viewing learning as a shared activity and a commitment to community use and neighborhood connectivity. Value influences the design through responsiveness to the site environment and ecology, clarity of support and materials, and effective and efficient design strategies. Challenge is reflected in spaces that are expected to transform through time, receptive surfaces, and quality of detail and material.

The building is organized in three main volumes: Body, Public, and Make. Body includes the commons and servery as well as fitness and gymnasium facilities and is sited with connection to the playfields. Public includes the main entry, library, music, and drama. Make consists of two 3-story core learning wings with a shared learning stack and is oriented towards an undisturbed King County wetland/wildlife corridor.

My role on the RRMS project was one of two Project Architects, working with the team at McGranahan and our consultants to develop the design and documentation of this 134,500 sf building.

The building is currently under construction.

McGranahan Architects



RRMS Rendering From Street_010617SD_Parking_Perspective